Why does content writing matter? For one very simple reason – traffic! The more you blog for your website, the more traffic comes to your website. The more traffic you get to your website, the higher the chance your conversions are. Want more traffic to your website? Get blogging, our start outsourcing your blogging if you don’t have the time or skills.

The Content Factory completed some research that showed blogs increase both indexed links and inbound links by a whopping 97%. This turns into 434% more indexed pages on your website. In short, businesses that upload high quality blog posts on their websites on a regular basis get more search traffic from Google. Want it shorter than that? – why does content writing matter? For traffic!

Research from Hubspot found that websites with just 1-2 new blog posts uploaded a month can boost their B2B leads by 70%. So, we aren’t saying you need to go blogging crazy right now. Instead, as little as one or two fresh and high-quality blog posts a month with make a noticeable improvement to the traffic for your website.

A study by Chitika found that 92% of search engine traffic goes to the first page. 33% of this goes to the first organic search alone. Blog posts will improve the SEO ranking of your website. They will help you rank on page one of Google and towards the top of the page too. If you are a business without a strong blogging strategy you could find your website quickly becoming buried in the later pages of Google.

While we have clearly started the reason content writing matters is for traffic, it’s not all about traffic. In fact, blogs are rates as the 5th more trusted source for online information. 29% of consumers will view blog posts as more accurate online sources of information than news sites, online magazines and even brand sites.

It was reported by The Content Factory that in 2020 customers managed around 85% of their relationships online. This was done without speaking to a real person. Having a blog on your website that is accessible and full of high quality, relevant information is crucial in giving your business the edge against your competition.

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