It is so important to get feedback from your clients. This way you can find out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It also means you can find out more about why clients choose you. This can then be used to help attract more clients in that industry.

Sarah recently emailed our clients asking for feedback just like this. We now know why a Peterborough event planner uses us for their marketing.

Remember, if you would like to collect research like this from your clients, we can help you. We can contact your clients for you. Once we have their answers, we can turn them into blog posts or case studies for you too.

So, let’s find out why this Peterborough event planner uses us for their marketing needs.

Can You Describe Why You Wanted to Work With Creative Content Company?

I met Hazel at networking and loved her passion, energy and enthusiasm and she seemed to know her stuff and I thought I want to work with someone like that.

What Was Your Biggest Worry About Working with Creative Content Company? 

That it would take a long time for her to understand my business – but I was wrong.

What Has Your Experience Been of Working with Creative Content Company? 

Excellent, I feel that I didn’t gain a colleague I gained not only a friend but an extra team member.

What Has Improved / Changed Since Working with Creative Content Company? 

My online presence is SO much better, my ratings on views, interactions are much higher on FB and LinkedIn, I have Hazel to thank for that.

What Did You Like Most About the Services You Used? 

It took away the pain of worrying about how I went about promoting my business on social media and also Hazel explained the various platforms, so I actually understood.

Were There Any Other Benefits to Working With Creative Content Company? 

Hazel genuinely knows a lot of people and actively introduces and assists collaborations.

Would You Recommend Creative Content Company to Others And Why? 

Absolutely, Hazel really cares about your company and has your best interests at heart

What Can We Do to Improve Our Services For You? 

Can’t think of anything loved the offer of buying BLOGS for the year – please do that again for 2022

As per this client’s request, keep your eyes peeled. We will be offering the 1 years’ worth of blog posts for a lower price when paid upfront. When it comes to our clients, their wish is our command. So, now you know why this Peterborough event planner uses us for their marketing; do you think you could benefit from our marketing services too?