In this blog post we talk about why you should connect personally on LinkedIn. You may have seen my previous blog posts on similar topics to this. They cover things like how to respond to a Linkedin connection request and what to do if you send a connection request in error. Also how I deal with connection requests on Linkedin, how I manage Linkedin connection requests. As well as Linkedin done wrong.

However, in this blog post I would like to talk about why I think you should send a personal connection request and connect personally on Linkedin. Maybe you’ll find you agree and change the way you manage Linkedin connection requests?

When you see something of interest on Linkedin, or continually see someone on Linkedin that is posting interesting stuff, then it is only normal that you may want to connect with them on Linkedin – so you’ll be tempted to click the ‘Connect’ button.

On a PC you will then get a pop-up that asks if you want to include a personal message. We would recommend that you always click ‘yes’.

This is the place that you can tell someone why you have chosen to connect with them or what you have seen that has interested you. Perhaps someone has recommended that you connect with them. Maybe you want to use them as a supplier. Perhaps you have something interesting to share with them. You might have met them at an event?

Whatever the reason that you have clicked to connect with them – tell them.

Would you walk up to someone in the pub, hold our hand out to shake and say “Let’s be friends”? – No you wouldn’t. You’d tell them why you have come over. Then you’d chat and engage, find a mutual topic or interest. Over time this would build into a friendship.

It’s the same on Linkedin, you start talking and engaging with them, build up a relationship, and then connect.

It doesn’t need to stop there either. You can continue the relationship after the connection request has been accepted. You could invite them to a networking event, a business exhibition or even to meet for a coffee?

If you need help in managing your social media or Linkedin then why not give us a call? We would be happy to help!

We hope you have taken our thoughts on board and your will connect personally on LinkedIn in the future.