We wrote a blog post recently about the importance of subtitles in blog posts. However, we didn’t talk about the importance of writing for your readers. Some readers will love subtitles. Other clients will love blogs that are in list forms. Other readers will like bullet point blog posts. So, how can you please all readers? This is why your blogs need to be different

Here at Creative Content Company we write a lot of weekly or twice-weekly blog posts for our clients. Each blog post will be laid out differently from the one before. This is because every consumer is different and likes to read things in different ways.

A subtitle blog post is a great way of splitting up longer content. If gives mini subheading so a reader can skim through and find what they are looking for. This is a popular blog post type for blog posts that cover multiple subjects.

Then there are blog posts that are full of stats, results, research and information. These blog posts may have an intro paragraph talking about the results below and why they are being shared. A list of bullet points will follow that share the stats found. These will often be short and sharp sentences. This type of blog post format will often end with a paragraph that explains how the stats affect the reader and how the business can help the reader.

Another style of blog post is the top tips blog post. This will have a short sentence at the bottom. The sentence will explain the title and give hints of what is to follow in the content. It will be followed by a numbered list which has tips of 2-5 lines (for example). It will share lots of great tips that are short and to the point.

The story style blog post is another blog post format altogether. This will tend to be a blog post of longer paragraphs. It will tell a story. There are no bullet points, numbers or subtitles to break up the content. Instead the content will be engaging, like a story. People will want to read on and find out more.

These are just some examples of different blog posts. It is important that you remember everyone is different. This means every client and consumer is different too.

Different blog posts will attract different consumers. That’s why blogs need to be different.