It can seem like a lot of effort to blog weekly for your business. It is also a lot of money to spend if you are outsourcing to write blogs weekly for your business. However there can be some huge advantages to blogging weekly. Some of which we have listed below;

  • Blogging weekly you are showing that you are still alive. The fresh content means that you are still very on top of your game too.
  • If you have a new blog weekly you will quickly find your social media management and social media posting is about a hundred times easier. You have barrel loads full of stuff to share on social media. You can also easily direct more traffic back to your website.
  • By writing a new blog weekly you have at least 4 blog posts to include in a monthly newsletter. This is better than just one new blog post each month.
  • One of the most important reasons, we think, is that if you are blogging weekly you will make Google very happy. This results in a higher position on search engines. This means more traffic to your website. In theory this means more sales and conversions for your business too.
  • We have all heard that content is king, but consistency is the key too. It is more beneficial to put out a blog weekly, than 10 blog posts all at once, and then nothing for the next few months.
  • By saying you will write a new blog every week for your business, you are setting yourself a realistic goal that can be easy to achieve.
  • A weekly blog post will sell your business for you, without even really selling.

If you need help creating weekly blog posts for your business then give us a call.

We speak to so many business owners that feel there is not enough to talk about in a blog every week. We can offer blog post ideas or write your weekly blogs for you.