Business exhibitions are a great way to get your business and brand out there to a wider audience, your target audience. You may have booked your exhibition stand and you’re now focusing on the main event, what you’re going to do and say and what you will give away.

However, have you considered the run up to the business exhibition? Have you thought about what you will do in advance to the day to promote your attendance?

Why not write a blog before the business exhibition? You can write a blog post about the business exhibition. This can include why you are attending the event and what visitors can expect from the exhibition. You can also talk about what you will have on your stand, any exciting giveaways, competitions or free advice for example. Use the blog post to explain why people should come to your stand and what they can expect from your stand.

But why blog before a business event?

The benefit of blogging before the event is that it promotes the event. The more people that attend the event, the more people that will come to your stand. You can include the blog post in your newsletter, on your website, as a press release or through social media for example. This is telling more and more people that you attending the event. This could include potential clients that haven’t come across you before, or want to find out more about you. These people will then come to your stand, knowing a little about you and wanting to know more – this is another step in the essential relationship building process.

Your blog post will also be seen by other stall holders at the event. This means they will be able to look out for you on the day and pop over to say Hi. If they see people that may need your service they could also send potential customers to you. It’s like you are creating a mini sales team through that pre-event blog post.

If you would like a blog before a business exhibition then drop us a line so we can create this for you, if you don’t have the time yourself. If you are attending Peterborough Biscuit Business Event as an exhibition, we have a special exhibitor offer of £30 for this pre-event blog post. We also have a special exhibitor package deal too; contact us to find out more.