Here at Creative Content Company we create blog posts for a lot of different clients. Some of our clients need weekly blog posts for their business. Other clients need just one blog post a month from us. We also have some clients that have twice weekly blog posts from us.

The clients that have regular blog posts from us twice a week, pay a lot less per blog post than clients that have weekly blog post or monthly blog posts, but why?

In theory the clients that have more blog posts from us, have more money… so why should they pay less?

Here at Creative Content Company we don’t work like that.  We treat all of our clients fairly. All clients are charged great value prices, no matter the size of the business.

The reason we charge less for more regular blog posts is because when we write multiple blog posts for a client, we are in ‘the zone’. We know about the company, we have the titles planned and everything is set out. We don’t need to change our language or tone in between each blog post – because each blog post is for the same client.

Weekly blog posts are cheaper than monthly blog posts because we can write more than one blog at a time. If you check out our special offers at the end / beginning of each year, you’ll see that we offer annual blogging packages. These allow us to write a years’ worth of blog posts for you. You can then schedule them for the year ahead, and save money because we write all the blog posts at once.

It’s the same as getting your house painted for example. If you asked the painter to do one room a month and come back each time it would cost you more than if they did all the rooms in one go.

If you’d like to save money on our regular blog posts, give us a call! Our bloggers in Peterborough can’t wait to help you improve your online presence.