You  may remember a recent blog post about doing something every day that scares you and that Mike Stokes of Positive Networking had asked me if I would like to be a Guest Host – and the fact the mere thought of this scared the life out of me? Well, the event date is fast approaching, on Thursday 23rd February I will be Guest Host at Positive Networking and I was wondering if you would like me to host you?

The event takes place at Orton Hall Hotel and this time the evening will be known as Matrix Networking. The great thing about Positive Networking is that there is a different layout or speaker each meeting and this layout is one of my favourites, but what is Matrix Networking?

Matrix Networking with Positive Networking

This is our ever-popular structured table networking extravaganza. You will present your business to a table of 5 or 6 other businesses and receive presentations from the others in turn. You will then move around the room, from table to table, presenting your business a further five times to different people each time. Use of a carefully calculated route around the tables (“The Matrix”) ensures that you will meet every single person somewhere during the evening – but only once!


You will need plenty of business cards for this event – and plenty of stamina. This is a wonderful chance to meet just about all our Peterborough members in one evening.

It is a really good networking event in Peterborough and I would love to have you not only as my guest, but also to host you on your arrival. I will need the friendly new face as much as you may!

The event is free to come along to and then you can consider becoming a member in the future. They have a meeting every other week in Peterborough and then in-between in Lincoln. I am just a member of Peterborough and adore this group. In fact it is the only networking group I am a paid member of because I think it is definitely worth the money.

If you would like to come along as my guest then please contact me with your name, business name, contact number and email address so I can book you on. It would be great to see you there and I really hope you can join us!