We are very lucky to have an amazing bunch of networkers at Creative Networking, a not for profit networking group in Peterborough. We are even luckier to have Ellen Jackson Videographer as one of our attendees. She very kindly offered to do a networking video for us.

This is the second of two videos showing you just some of the really lovely people you can meet at Creative Networking. Attendees were invited to do a few minutes with Ellen Jackson at some of our networking events in Peterborough to say who they were, the name of their company and what their business does.

Here at Creative Networking we are a laid back bunch and we get a mix of attendees from a wide range of backgrounds, as you can see in this video. Some attendees run their own business, some run franchise companies, some work for large companies and others are looking to set up a business.

That think that all of our attendees have in common is that they are supportive and they want to help others. Attendees of Creative Networking come along to meet new businesses, they don’t come to sell instead they come to network and help other businesses in their business community.

Creative Networking is a networking group in Peterborough that was set up by Hazel of Creative Content Company – it was set up because Hazel wanted to help the local business community to do more and to put Peterborough on the map.

As a networking group we give our attendees every chance we can to increase their brand awareness – this video was a great opportunity and it’s been shared and seen hundreds of times already.

Creative Networking works as a support network for businesses in Peterborough – why don’t you come along to our next event and see who you can meet?

Here is the video of some people you might meet at Creative Networking