Hazel Cottrell is me. I am the business owner of Creative Content Company. This is a business that was set up in September 2013. We offer various services to help businesses achieve more online, including social media training, social media management, website content, blogging and newsletter creation.

By who am I?

I’m A Step-Mum to 2 awesome children. Jamie and Hollie, who are 13 and 12 years old. I have learnt a LOT as a step mum. I never knew my negotiation skills would be needed so much in my personal life, in regards to bedtimes, treats, pocket money and more.

I am a granddaughter to my wonderful, loving and supportive grandparents, known as Grandma and Grampy. These are the people that motivate me more and more each day. I run the business in the way that I do to make them proud of me and to see how much I can achieve by myself. With no parents in my life, my grandparents do worry about me a lot!

I am a fiancée to Dan. We have been together almost three and a half years. We have been engaged over a year and are due to get married in April 2020. Dan had no Facebook account when we got together. I insisted he had to have one before we became a couple, due to my business!

I am a fur-mum. We have two cats called Storm and Dobbie. Storm is a pedigree ragdoll and Dobbie is a ragdoll cross. They are both extremely friendly and I often find myself getting back ache in the night for fear of moving them and making them uncomfortable when they sleep on me in bed. Dobbie plays fetch; not a talent many cats have!

So that’s me. Hazel Cottrell, owner and founder of Creative Content Company!  

A step mum, a granddaughter, a fiancée, a fur-mum and the business owner of a successful digital marketing business in Peterborough,