This morning we received the following email, we used to receive lots more of these emails, but with GDPR it had dropped… but sadly we still get spam emails like this.

And yes, it is a spam email!

Hello Team,

Get your website on Google’s Front Page search:

I would like to disclose some facts about your website. I hope you won’t mind spending only 2-3 minutes to have a look at the following lines:

We found some major issues with your website:

1.  Your website seems to be attracting traffic, but this traffic is almost stagnant and limited, which affects potential sales as you move forward.2.  Your website doesn’t feature in Google’s first search page for some of the major keywords in your niche, which affects visibility.3.  Your website has been diagnosed with coding issues, which affects ranking.4.  Your back links profile is not efficient enough to help your search engine visibility.5.  Your website is currently not being properly promoted online, which is affecting your marketing strategy and goals.

6.  Your presence in social media platform (Face book, Twitter, etc.) is minimal. This is depriving you of a huge market of prospective referral clients.

We excel in running promotional online marketing campaign for websites. We have a host of ethical services and techniques, which you can utilize to improve your website’s performance. We could send you more details regarding your present website status; we would be glad to share “PRE SEO       REPORT” or “WEBSITE ANALYSIS REPORT for FREE”.

Let me know your thought and if possible give me the best time to make further discussion.

Best Regards,Ashley Moore | Senior Sales Advisor—————————————————————————————————PS 1: If you are interested then I will send more details on our “SEO ROPOSAL” and “FREE WEBSITE ANALYSIS REPORT”.PS 2: I found your site using Google search and after having a look over your website I recommend you to implement future technologies such as HTML 5 and Responsive Design to make your site more accessible in mobile phone, tablets, desktop etc.

In one part of the email you can see they query of social media presence; we currently post on each social media platform a minimum of 5 times a day; I would not class this as a ‘minimal presence’. The other parts are also not true, but this was the most obvious error.

You’ll also note they talk about Face Book – which isn’t written like that, they have put the company name as our website address, they offer to send me an SEO Roposal (?) and the email is littered with grammatical errors.

This brings up two points I would like to share with you.

If you get an email full of grammatical errors, or you get an email like this and you are concerned then please feel free to forward it to us. We can tell you if you need to worry or not and we can also offer a website review for just £25 that will tell you where your website needs improving and how you can improve it.

Secondly, if you are sending out emails with grammatical errors like this, then people will doubt your professionalism, your brand and your business. We can create newsletter content for you or proof-read your content for you.

Needless to say, in case there was any doubt – we shall not be contacting Ashley and his team for their help and we would suggest you do not either.