As our 9th Birthday comes round, I wanted to share a little of my business journey. I thought that the best place to start was where the Creative Content Company began – and it started with some magic. Well, a magician in London to be precise!

I worked as blog writer and account manager for a large media company. We had a client that was a magician. He used the media company for his blog posts and some paid advertising. SEO takes a while to start working, and with a low budget this can take longer. So, I was speaking to the magician and recommended some things that he could do on Twitter. These were things that would help him gain more bookings, boost his SEO and engage better with his audience.

We were on the phone for 20, maybe 30 minutes and he was really grateful. As I hung up the phone my manager took me aside and asked what I was doing. I explained I was helping out our client on social media. He asked how much I had charged for that. I was completely dumbstruck and didn’t really understand the question.

And this is where Creative Content Company began really.

I had spent 18 months writing blog posts about franking machines 3 days a week for a large company. We never spoke or engaged, it was just emailing blog posts back and forth while people within the businesses edited this, that and the other. I had spoken to my director about working with smaller businesses and was assured that there was no money in smaller businesses.

When I spoke with the magician, I felt this was the final straw for me. I wanted to be a part of other people’s businesses and their journeys. I spoke to my boss and explained that I wanted to work with smaller businesses. We had a conversation and feeling (overly) confident, I explained that I could do it with them, or without them. He replied that was fine. That was it – I had left my job without even realising.

My boss then added that I could have 4 weeks gardening leave and to leave the company next week. He added that he would keep my job open for 6 months, adding that when it all went wrong within this time, I could come back.

It’s fair to say that this was the fire up my backside that I needed. No way was it going to go wrong. And here we are, nearly 9 years later!