When you have written, or had a great blog post written for you, it’s important to find the right picture. The right pictures for your blogs are what will grab attention as people scroll your website or social media. They say that a picture paints a thousand words. By using the right pictures for your blogs, the picture can direct people to your website to read all your words too.,

But where can you get pictures for your blogs?

The best thing you can do is take your own pictures. While that isn’t always easy, it will be the best solution. When you use your own pictures, you’ll know that nobody else has the same photo on their blog post. This makes you image and your content unique. It will also make it personal to your business and your brand.

When taking photos for your own blogs, think about the topic. Take a photo, or have a photo professionally taken that is relevant. For example, we have photos of the team holding pillows with social media logos. These can then be used when we talk about the relevant social media topics. The photos need to be good quality, and they need to be landscape too. This will make them suitable when uploading them to your website and sharing to social media.

If you are unable to use or take your own photos, there are websites out there than you can use. Our favourite is UnSplash. There are pictures for blogs on there that can be used royalty free. You may see some of the more popular images on other businesses websites. This isn’t ideal, but it does happen, so it is important you are away of it.

There are also paid sites out there that allow you to download pictures for your blogs. Unsplash even has some paid photos and promotes other businesses that do the same. By paying for the images, it is less likely other businesses will have them, however there is still that chance.

If you’re looking for help creating blog posts or uploading blogs with photos to your WordPress website, we can help. Call our blogging team now to find out more.