You may have heard the Spice Girls song about Two becoming One, but this is a slightly different version of Six becoming Three. The free social media scheduling / social media management platform known as Hootsuite is now charging people that want to manage more than three accounts from the one platform.

Hootsuite is a great way of managing your social media. Traditionally speaking people will have four platforms on Hootsuite – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ or maybe five if they have a personal and a business Facebook account. However Hootsuite are now requesting that you pay for the privilege of having more than three accounts.

So what can you do?

There are four main options;

Leave Hootsuite

You could leave Hootsuite and go for another social media scheduling platform like Tweetdeck for example. I tried 3-4 platforms a while back but found Hootsuite to be a clear favourite in my eyes. But if you can manage all your accounts elsewhere for free it may be worth thinking about?

Pay for Hootsuite

It costs about $17.99 a month to have a larger amount of accounts on Hootsuite, it’s annoying because when you pay for a Hootsuite account you will be given loads more social media account availability than you need so it would be better if they bought in a ‘middle’ zone for smaller businesses that just want to manage their own accounts.

Open another Account

You can always set up another account under a different email address, this does save money but it will cause additional stress. It’s hard to create a social media management plan when you have different accounts in different places.

Pass the Buck

Call in the expertise of a Social Media Manager to manage the account for you, you’ll be surprised at how reasonable it is to pay for someone else to manage your social media accounts for you or you can even share management with them allowing you to pop in and out of the social media world as and when you can, knowing that your accounts are being looked after!
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