There are marketing experts and professionals everywhere telling you when you should send your email newsletters. Some say weekly, others monthly and some annually. There are even experts that tell you the day of the week and the exact time of the day an email newsletter should be sent. But what difference does a different day or time make to when you should send your email newsletters?

MailerLite is an email marketing company. They did some research that found that the open rate of emails was fairly consistent regardless of how frequently emails were sent. However, there was a slight drop in the open rate as the amount and regularity of emails sent increased.

Their research found that emails sent on a monthly basis had a 40.33% open rate. Meanwhile, email newsletters sent on a weekly basis had a 39.6% open rate. Finally. Emails sent on a daily basis had a 37.67% open rate. So, you can see, the more frequently email newsletters are sent, the slightly lower the open rate.

Campaign Monitor, another email marketing company, completed some data too. Their benchmark data found that Fridays always has the best open rates at 18.9%. Meanwhile, the worst open rate was Saturday with just a 17.3% open rate. While it isn’t a huge difference between the best performing and worst performing days, it is still a difference. This difference could be the difference in sales or new customers for your business.

Campaign Monitor also looked at click through rates. They found that Fridays were not only the best open rate day, but also the best click through rate day at 2.7%. In addition, Saturday was found to be the worst click through rate day as well as open rate day. The percentage of click throughs from email newsletters on Saturday was just 2.4%.

Here at Creative Content Company, we send monthly email newsletters. It’s enough time to have something interesting to say, and to stay in the minds of our clients. We have found that Wednesdays are the best open rate days for us. However, it is dependent on your business and your audience. Think about how often they want to hear from you and what days would work for them. This will help you know when you should send your email newsletters.

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