Personally speaking, the hardest thing for me during the coronavirus lock down is the social side of things. I have to force myself to spend one weekend day per month at home, for my partners’ sake. Apart from that I am out every weekend. This could be a walk in Ferry Meadows, sitting in Bewiched coffee shop, mooching round the shops, seeing friends and family, out for lunch, day at the beach, and more.

We are always out doing ‘stuff’ and I love it. The prospect of staying in for 2 whole weekend days just doesn’t excite me.

I’ve always been conscious of business owner burn out. I’m very strong on the fact I will not work late into the evening or during the weekends, as well as a full day’s work Monday to Friday. I feel this isn’t good for your well-being or mental health. But it doesn’t really help your business either. You need time off to refocus and let your hair down – to come back and focus better.

So, how am I coping with a 2 day weekend with only one hour’s outdoor exercise allowed?

Friday is Saturday. I now have Fridays off, I work Saturday and then have than Sunday off. Somehow splitting the 2 days off is working much better for me. While I don’t plan for this to be a permanent change, and I will have my normal weekend when things return to ‘normal’ – for the time being this works for me.

So, for now, Friday is Saturday and that works for me.

It’s a tiny change for my business, but it is really helping me.

Why am I sharing this? To be honest – I’m not sure. I thought this might help someone else who is like me. Perhaps this isn’t something they considered? But also to show others that changes can be made to make the lockdown more bearable.

Maybe changing the name of a day or splitting the weekend could work for you? If Friday is Saturday for you, I would love to hear how you are getting on with that. Also, how are you coping through coronavirus?