We often speak to business owners that run and market their business solely through social media. They are often surprised that we are shocked by this. As a social media management company in Peterborough wouldn’t we think this was the best way to run a business? Definitely not!

Earlier this week, you will remember that Facebook and Instagram went down. While it was only for a few hours, how long could it have been? How long would your business have survived if you could only be found on those two sites when Facebook and Instagram went down for 2 days, 2 weeks or even 2 months?

The thing with social media is that you’re not in control.

Say you run a hairdressing salon for example. Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg decides that this is the next industry he wants to take over. So, he closes down all the Facebook business page of hairdressing professionals and business from Facebook and Instagram.

If they are the only 2 places that your business can be found – what happens next for your business?

Brand awareness and small business success is largely down to marketing touches. Your target audience need to be ‘touched’ by your business or brand. This should be in as many places as possible. But, places where your target audience are.

Think about who your target audience are, what they do, where they do it, and more.

Do you need a website? Should you be advertising on the radio? Maybe your business should be in local magazines? Perhaps blogging could work for your business? Do you need to send monthly newsletters to your clients to stay at the forefront of their mind?

Your target audience may spend the majority of their time on social media, but where else do they spend time? When Facebook and Instagram went down, where did they go? Was your business or brand there for them to see at that place too?

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