As Creative Content Company is quickly approaching 3 years old I find myself reflecting on where we were and where we are now, what we have achieved, what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong, what we could have done instead and how things were compared to how things are now and it got me thinking about starting out on your own business and how your friends react.

So, when I started Creative Content Company I was working for a media company and decided I wanted to set up my own business to help small business owners achieve more with their online presence, the company I worked for helped big companies get bigger but I never saw direct results of how my work actually made an impact… like I would with a small business.

I handed my notice in and the company I left told me they would hold my job open for me for 2 months so when it went wrong I had somewhere to come back to. They may have thought this was a kind offer but that made me as determined as hell to make it work, when they understood this they put me on 6 weeks gardeners leave as they then decided I would try and take their clients with me – of course I never would and still never have.

So, I told my friends, I told them about my plans, my dreams and my aims for the business. At first many were concerned that I would struggle financially and if we’re honest, I was concerned about that too so I get a part time job at a restaurant in the evenings so my rent and bills were guaranteed to be paid, as it turns out this wasn’t needed for very long at all.

Over time, as the business was quickly taking off I found I had some friends who worked shifts, had time off or were on maternity leave that wanted to meet up and felt that I could do so at the drop of a hat – after all I was my own boss so why couldn’t I just drop everything for them. The main reason of course was because if I didn’t work I didn’t earn – it took me nearly 2 years to have a ‘long weekend’ off work and even then I was constantly checking my emails and client social media accounts.

When you start your own business it can get very lonely, you go from a busy office or workplace to sitting on your own in a spare room or small office. You can go networking, but at first you don’t feel you can be honest with these people, you can’t tell them how you really feel. While you are desperate for the support from your friends around you it is essential that you also stick to ‘working hours’ for your own sanity.

That’s what your friends don’t understand – even when you don’t have any clients and your business is just starting out you still need to be in the office, you need to be blogging, working on your website, posting on social media, marketing your business and so much more. But don’t worry, your friends will understand that soon enough and you’ll all be celebrating your success in what will feel like no time at all.

And that is exactly what the above photo shows, these were the three friends that have been there for me all along, supporting me ‘after work hours’ and were more than happy to support me at my 1st Year Anniversary. Friends will come and go when you run your own business, some just won’t understand, some will be busy and others will just stay where they were and their lack of ‘umph’ will drive you mad – but you’ll also find those friends that are there for you, no matter what – and that’s what I have found with these fab three friends!