Here at Creative Content Company we were members of Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce for 3 years; we understand the benefits of being a chamber member and we know it can work really well – however, you get back what you put in, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to put in enough.

This is where we come in – we want to help those members of Chamber of Commerce get more from their membership.

Article in the Chamber Magazine

There is a local chamber of commerce magazine that goes out to all other members in that chambers area. As a Chamber of Commerce member you can put a 150-200 word article in the magazine every single month, for all the other business members to read it and learn more about your business – if you have the time to write it!

We can write that monthly article for you, all you need to do is attach a photo and send it to the Chamber of Commerce. It will only cost you £15 and means you can get in front of all the other members that read this magazine. You can then share a photo of this article on your social media and the chamber you are a member of will often share it on their social media too.

“I’m A Member” Blog

Joining the Chamber of Commerce is a big deal, and whatever your reason for joining, you need to shout about the fact that you are a member of your local chamber of commerce. But again, you just might not have the time.

We can write that blog post for you, it is a blog post that is unique to you. It will talk about your business, your reason for joining the chamber of commerce and what you can offer to other members in your local chamber.

Of course we can also offer all of our usual services, but these are the offers purely for Chamber of Commerce members, regardless of which area you are in or chamber you are part of.