We know it can be tricky with coming up with new ideas for social media posts and this can make social media management really lengthy and even boring because you find yourself posting  the same thing day after day, and unsurprisingly your audience are getting bored with it too.

Each month we share tips and ideas of things that you can use on your own social media; as long as nobody copies and pastes from our list and put it into their own words then these ideas are completely free to everyone and unique to each business!

Don’t forget to use the national day, month or week as the hashtag to encourage even more engagement.

October is Adopt A Dog Month; adopting a dog is a great thing to do so why not give your audience a chance to share photos or stories about the dog they have adopted. People love their pets and see them as part of their family so they will be happy to get involved and engage with your social media.

October is Pizza Month; what better chance to start the great pineapple on pizza debate? A light-hearted discussion about pizza toppings is a really good way to engage with your audience and they’ll keep coming back to discuss their point of view.

Positive Attitude Month falls in October and is a great chance to share some quotes, pictures and stories that will help your audience have a more positive attitude. Don’t forget to include the hashtag to keep it relevant and gain more interest.

1st October is National Walk Your Dog Day; use this day to encourage your audience to take photos of them walking their dog, or photos of their dog chilling out after a walk.

1-5th October is National Work From Home Week; if you have an audience that work from home then this national week could work really well for you. Ask your audience to share the benefits of working from home, top tips for working from home and even pictures of their home / office set up.

4th October is Improve Your Office Day; why not share ways of which your business can improve your audiences’ office. You could also ask what tips your audience have to improve their own office.

5th October is World Smile Day; this is a great chance to make your audience smile. You could share a joke, funny picture or humorous story and encourage your audience to do the same.

7th – 13th October is Great Books Week so why not ask your audience what their favourite book is. You could engage with a local book club, donate some books to a local charity or school or recommend your own favourite books or authors?

Come back soon for part two!