As regular visitors to our website and readers of our blog posts will know, every month we do a blog post with ideas for social media posts for each month. In this blog post we will be helping you with updates for your social media in November, so get your pen and paper ready and let’s get started.

November is National Entrepreneurship Month, if you are an entrepreneur then why not share your story and encourage others to do the same. You could do a blog post that talks about how you came to do what you do now and then share that link on your social media platforms to direct people back to your website. This helps adds a personality and encourages a relationship between you and the reader of your posts as they get to know more about the person behind the company.

The 1-7th November is World Communication Week so why not take this chance to communicate with the world? Get a standard line translated into different languages and share a different one each day of the week with the hashtag #WorldCommunicationWeek – some business may opt to use this week to raise money for a charity abroad too, which can be shouted about through your social media platform if you choose to do this?

World Kindness Week is 9-15th November and can be used to share kindness; this could be through doing something kind everyday and sharing it on social media, making time to help people for free as a form of kindness or by sharing the kind acts of other people. You’d be surprised at how far a little kindness can go.

It’s Sandwich Day on the 3rd November, share a picture of your sandwich and encourage followers to do the same, this is just a little bit of fun and a way to start conversation and encourage engagement with your fans and followers on social media platforms.

Another day that you can be a little bit silly with is the 8th November, Dunce Day – talk about silly things you have done that day and joke about things your colleagues have done. In the UK we love to laugh with each other so you’ll be surprised at how much engagement a post like this could get on your social media platforms.

These are just some ways in which you can use social media in November, remember it’s about being social and not just talking about people!