It’s really important to be active and engaging on social media, but sometimes this can be easier said than done! Each month we put together some ideas you can post about on social media; this month is no different, and here are your ideas for things to post on social media in May.

They are ideas you can use or gain inspiration from and they will help you engage with your target audience, followers, fans and connections. Don’t forget to use the national day as a hash tag as this will help you connect with others celebrating or posting about the same thing.

1st May is Hug Your Cat Day; people love cats and love seeing pictures of cats so why not share a photo of you hugging your cat or share a post asking to see pictures of your followers hugging their cats. Some claim that cats are what the internet is made of, so use this day to your advantage!

6th May is World Laughter Day; why not take this chance to share a laugh? Share an embarrassing story or funny work tale, a relevant joke, video or meme – and follow it with asking your audience to share something funny too? Laughter makes the world go round, that’s what we think anyway, so please tag us in your funny post.

9th May is Donate a Days Wages To Charity Day; if you have a charity that your business supports then why not celebrate this, share if you are donating a day’s salary and encourage others to do the same. There is loads of research that proves consumers love companies that ‘care’ so why not use this as a chance to show you care?

6th – 12th May is National Family Week and if you are self employed or run your own business this is a great chance to engage with your audience on another level and show that you are ‘real’; select a few of your favourite family photos, or even a family member a day to post about each day of this week. Photos of you and family get so much more traction and engagement than other posts; don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

May is National Smile Month; why not share something to make your audience smile every day. This could be a special offer, a funny picture, a short joke or a one-liner? Don’t forget to use the hashtag though so your audience don’t think you’ve gone mad.

If you need help with social media management for your business or perhaps you’d like some social media training then just give us a call; we would be only too happy to help.