Most of the people in business that we speak to find that their biggest struggle on social media for business is finding something to post; it can be tricky when you are trying to post regularly but you want to stay engaging and informative.

In this blog post we have put together some national days that should help you get your creative juices flowing for the month ahead, and if you are still struggling with ideas then drop us a line and we can have a brain storming session with you to help you come up with some great social media posts for your business social media accounts.

1st August: Respect For Parents Day

If you are a family business and proud of being so then why not share the story of your business on social media? This gives your audience a chance to connect with you and your business while gaining an understanding of what your business is all about. A photo of your parents in the business, or photos of you all recently are both great ways of promoting your business while celebrating this national day.

17th August: National Not For Profit Day

This is a great chance to show your business as a brand that cares and a chance to promote a local or not for profit organisation that is close to your heart or perhaps you have helped in the past. Use the hashtag #NationalNotForProfitDay and talk about why that organisation is so great. Let the organisation know you are promoting them too so they can also share your social media posts.

1-7th August: Simplify Your Life Week

Most things that businesses do will help their customers / target audience simplify their lives so why not share 7 great things that your business does to help others simplify their lives. Use the hashtag #SimplifyYourLife and then Day One and so on to promote all the different and amazing things that your business does to simplify the lives of others.

7th-13th August: National Bargain Hunting Week

If you can match this social media campaign with newsletter and blog posts you could be on to a winner; in the blog post and newsletter state that to celebrate National Bargain Hunting Week you are offering one great bargain every day for a whole week; you could then confirm the bargain or special offer in your content – then on social media share the special offer for that day and link back to the blog so people can see what other bargains to expect.

We hope these social media post ideas will help you keep your business social media accounts active and engaging; if you do need any help then please feel free to contact our team for social media training or even social media management.