Every month we share a few ideas with you of things you can share and post on your business social media pages to engage with your audience and start conversations. We just share a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing, but if you would ever like to book a social media brain storming session with us, or you’d like us to create some social media post ideas that are designed for you and your business, just ask.

So, now for things you can post on your business social media in April;

April is the month for Community Spirit Days so use this chance to get out there in the community and get involved. This could be attending or sharing local events, having a litter pick in the local community park or offering a special offer / free gift to those that show excellent community spirit.

Obviously April brings Easter so why not offer some ‘cracking deals’ or share some Easter puns to crack a smile on your eggs-cellent customers faces. Maybe have a like and share competition where a person at random wins a chocolate Easter egg?

April Fool’s Day is a good chance for a bit of fun; but make sure you run your prank past someone else first to double check it will not affect your business negatively.

Stress Awareness Month falls in April so why not share tips for ways of reducing stress that are relevant to your business or industry – for example we can reduce stress by managing your social media for you, or writing those weekly blog posts.

15th – 21st April is  National Karaoke Week and while we are not suggesting you share a film of your team singing karaoke (although you can if you want), why not ask people to share their funny karaoke moments or their favourite songs to sing on karaoke? It opens that door for conversation and starts building a relationship and connection.

21st – 28th is Money Aware Week so dependent on your business you could share ways to save money in your industry and be more ‘money aware’ or share a special offer for those money aware customers.

As we said, just a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing – if you need our help managing your business social media then just ask; we are always happy to help where we can.