Another new month and more great ideas for posts for your social media accounts that will get your fans, followers and connection engaging with you so you can build a relationship with them. Notepads at the ready; Let’s Go!

February is Bird Feeding Month – if you sell bird feeders or bird food this is a must. But also, think outside the box. Do you have a workspace or hire offices out? Look for those that need help focusing on the job in hand instead of looking out the window all day and watching the birds. Do you sell garden products? Discuss the bird feeding and lead this onto the garden products. Just think outside the box to get involved with popular discussions.

1st til 5th February is International Networking Week so ask on social media for the networking events that your connections recommend, share the dates and networking events that you are going on and maybe pop round and network with your neighbours while tweeting photos and the hashtag #InternationalNetworkingWeek ?

14th – 21st Feb is Random Acts Of Kindness Week – this is your chance to use your social media account to promote the good things you are doing and to share a bit of your personality. Encourage your connections to share the random acts of kindness they do too. Together, we can make the communities we live in a better place.

Separately, let’s not forget it is Valentine’s Day on Sunday 14th February because if you forget that you could find that your partner ‘forgets’ to let you sleep inside and instead you’re in the doghouse.

Another date to remember, especially here at Creative Content Company – is the 21st February. It is my birthday and I am very excited. Last year was the scary experience of turning 30 but 31 feels like nothing now… although don’t ask me again on my birthday as I may be mid-breakdown!

Have a great February everyone!