As regular readers of our blog posts will know, we like to help you out with ideas and inspiration of what you can post on social media platforms and this month is no different – although some find December easier to post in because there is so much to talk about, what with Christmas and all!

Why not use your social media scheduling tool to schedule a Christmas message to all your friends, fans and followers. Think of something thoughtful to say and don’t post a sales message on Christmas Day. Think about doing the same for New Years Eve /New Years Day – thanking those that have supported you and wishing them the best for 2016?

Lots of businesses use advent and the 12 days of Christmas as a way of promoting special offers and sales when business in quieter. It’s a good idea to promote these special offers but remember to engage too – don’t just talk at people and sell to them, create conversations and get to know your fans and followers better.

The 12 December is National Gingerbread House Decorating Day – why not make one in your office and share a photo of it and ask fans and followers to do the same. Something like this shows you are real people and you’re not scared to have a bit of fun either. Plus – you’ll get a delicious treat too once it’s been made and photos have been taken.

Free Shipping Day is 17th December; why not offer free shipping on this day if you send products to your customers; even if you just offer free shipping when a certain amount is spent. It can be a good idea to only talk about this on the 17th December so people don’t put off purchasing from you until this day, instead they may purchase something extra on this day because of the free shipping.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day came from America originally but is now hugely popular in the UK and is used by charities as a way to raise money too. Why not get your team to put on their Christmas jumpers and take some photos to share on social media. It will be a brilliant laugh for everyone – the uglier the sweater the better! Maybe even invite neighbouring offices around for mince pies and mulled wine if they are wearing ugly sweaters too?

What other things can you think of for your social media posts during the month of December?