As regular readers of our blog posts will know, every month we write a blog post with different, unique and sometimes pretty crazy ideas of what things you can post on your social media account. These are linked to national days, weeks and months of the year and are ways of getting your followers to engage with you on social media platforms.

These ideas are not the ‘be-all and end-all’ of the social media posts but we have supplied them with ideas as ways for you to get your creative juices flowing, to come up with new posts and to look outside the box at your social media account.

August is Traffic Awareness Month – why not ask your followers if they’ve had any fines or points for traffic offences. Ask them in a fun way as people will enjoy spilling the beans of their silly mistakes.

August is also the national month for What Will Your Legacy Be? – so why not speak to your followers and fans and ask them what their legacy will be? When they reply don’t just retweet or favourite the post, instead engage with them and have a conversation.

1st – 7th August is Simplify Your Life Week – what a great chance to talk about the services and products you offer that will help simplify the life of your fans and followers. Just pop a hashtag at the end that says #SimplifyYourLifeWeek. This could also make for a good blog post?

We now want to share one of the most random national days with you that we have ever come across. The 8th August is “Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbours Porch Night” – we’re not quite sure what you can do with this on your social media profile, but hey – we thought it was funny.

Have a go at some suggestions – how do you think you could use that national day?

Don’t forget we offer a workshop that allows you to set up your whole months social media through the help of Hootsuite, it’s a really good workshop that will help you get on top of your social media before the month begins.