For regular readers of our blog posts, this is much anticipated list of social media post ideas for April. If you haven’t seen our posts before then I shall give you a brief overview. Every month we put together some ideas that businesses can use on their social media, they help to get the creative juices flowing for social media posts for the month ahead;

This month is Car Care Month so if you are a car mechanic, a dent fixer, a car washer, sell car accessories or even car insurance this a great month for you to take advantage of. You could share a top tip every day with the hashtag #CarCareMonth – you are using these ‘top tips’ as a way to help your target audience while building trust with them.

April is also National Pet Month, people engage over their pets and are always happy to share stories and photos so let them do so. Maybe share a picture of your pet in a funny hat and ask others to do the same thing. You’ll find that as people have the same pets they will start to engage with you and you will begin building a relationship with them through your business social media. Maybe share a photo of your pet in the office or workplace, using a product you use or pretending to do your job?

The 1st-7th April is Laugh at Work Week. If you have a larger team ask each team member to share their favourite joke and then share it on social media with their name or a photo of them. This will help you to engage on social media and if the jokes are good they will be shared too which will help increase the brand awareness of your business on social media platforms.

The 10th-16th April is National Volunteer Week so why not take advantage of this time to do something good in your community. Contact your local school and see if they would like you to talk to students about what you do, see if you can help at a local cub, scout or brownie group, offer your time at a charity shop or just organise a litter pick with your team in the local area. By sharing your volunteering work you are showing that you are a business that cares about your local community and this is a big deal for many people in your community.

So, that should get those creative juices flowing, if you are still struggling with what to post on social media for your business then give us a call, we are always happy to offer advice, guidance or even social media training where we can.