We recommend that you write a brand new blog and upload it to your website at least once a week; here at Creative Content Company we upload a new blog post every other day, but we also have lots to talk about! We strongly feel there is no need to blog for the sake of blogging as this will be a turn off to your reader and target audience, but regular blogging for your business is still highly recommended to keep your website active and up to date – and it will help with SEO too.

There are 5 things that you should bear in mind every time you sit down to write a blog for your business, these are fresh content, style, timing, credibility and frequency.

Fresh Content

While it is a good idea to look around Google for inspiration, it is important that the blog post you create is full of fresh content. Use other blogs as inspiration by all means, but never copy and paste from another blog post or copy the majority of their content. Create your own fresh content that your audience will enjoy.


Your business and brad will have a style that you have chosen and created yourself using the voice and tone of you and your business, remember this style and use it whenever your blog for your business so it sticks with the business and flows naturally.


Like we said, there is no point blogging for the sake of blogging. If you have created two great blog posts on one day then schedule one for the future instead of uploading them both on the same day. Also think about when your target audience will read your blog posts and upload them on that day each week.


By copying and pasting another blog post from someone else you are losing your credibility, people want to read your blog post to hear your thoughts and ideas, not your competitors who you have stolen the blog post from. Back up any stats or research you have given with links to the original document to build up credibility among your target audience.


Keep your blog posts frequent; if you choose to write a business blog once a week then stick to that, if you choose to blog once a month, then stick to that too. If you have set up a schedule of when you want to blog but works has picked up and you haven’t got the time then why not outsource a blog or two to a blog writing company like us?