There are lots of social media companies in Peterborough all offering businesses the chance to be promoted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more – but as a business what can you expect from a social media company in Peterborough and how do you know which of the many social media companies in Peterborough to choose for your business?

The best thing you can do is take the time to Google social media companies in Peterborough and then have a look at their website. Look at the tone in which they speak and the language they use; you don’t want to work with one of the pompous social media companies in Peterborough, nor do you want to use a social media company in Peterborough that tried to baffle you with ‘buzz words’; it’s your business that is being represented and you want to understand what they are doing.

Check they have a mobile number or can be contacted 24hours a day, 7 days a week – social media is social and people could engage with you at any time of the week or the day and if there is a problem you need to know you can contact someone to help you.

When you decide on a few social media companies in Peterborough that you want to work with then you should drop them an email asking some questions, don’t ask for a quote straight away, instead ask general questions about who they are what they can do for you – you should expect a helpful email in response and maybe a link to helpful blog post. You would want to expect a reply to this email within 12hrs; if they can’t get back to you sooner than that then should you be concerned that they may not get back to you in time if you have a concern or issue with your social media?

Also look at their own social media platform; are they using the social media platforms that they are offering services for. How often are they posting on these accounts and what sort of posts are they uploading? The tone, style and regularity of posts they put on their social media are what you should expect they will do on your own social media so make sure you’re happy with their style and regularity.

Look at the testimonials for a social media company in Peterborough; if they really as good as they claim you should expect to see testimonials from their customers confirming exactly this. If they haven’t got testimonials from customers that are happy with the social media service in Peterborough that they have received then you have to ask yourself if they really are doing a good job.