Getting a recommendation on Linkedin is a big deal, it means someone you know has gone out of their way to take the time to recommend you for something you have done well and if the person struggles with Linkedin and its clunky layout they may have gone to some real effort to leave this recommendation; so what can you do with it?

It is a testimonial that has taken them time so the first thing you need to is accept the recommendation and click that it can go live on your profile, next you should thank the person that has taken the time to write a recommendation for you.

Then you want to share the hell out of it; someone has said you are good at what you do and this is a reason to celebrate so pop it on your website if you have a testimonials page, write up a case study to go with it or place it within a scrolling banner on a page on your website – it needs to go on your website somewhere; it is your choice where.

Next share an image of the testimonial on your website with a picture of the person that left the recommendation or their company logo to show it to be real; you really want to try and avoid ‘Mrs B from London’ as people don’t believe that it is real. A real photo or company logo backs up the testimonial and shows everyone that a ‘real person’ has used your service and recommends that others do the same.

Share this testimonial image and words on your social media platforms not just once but maybe a few times; if you have lots of testimonials then repeat a process of a different testimonial every few days which will back up that you really are good at what you do.

If you are trying to get in with a particular industry then send an email or newsletter with the testimonial attached from that industry to show you have helped others like them; the same goes with local businesses or well known brands that they may have heard of.

Having a recommendation on Linkedin is definitely something to be proud of so make sure you shout it out to the world!