There are lots of things to do and not to do when using social media to promote your business, known as the do’s and don’ts of business social media perhaps, so in this helpful blog post we thought we would talk about the do’s of social media and the things that you should do to promote your business on social media.

  • DO have a plan of action before you start promoting your business on social media, create a plan that clearly shows what you are going to post about on social media, what you are going to say, your tone for saying it and how often you are going to post on your social media business page.
  • DO create measurable goals; not only do you need to create a goal of what you want to achieve by using social media for your business but these need to be measurable goals so you can see how close you are to achieving goals and if your goals have been achieved.
  • DO be consistent because if you decide to post on a social media platform once a day and do this for a few weeks and then suddenly stop your fans and followers may think you have shut down your business, there are business issue or similar.
  • DO engage regularly and try not to fall into the trap of just promoting your business and selling at people continuously, instead share posts and questions that your connections can engage with but also share other people’s updates and engage with other accounts to show you are a ‘real person’ and not just a robot.
  • DO share great content that your fans and followers will enjoy but also share with their own fans and followers.
  • DO be a good listener by listening to what your audience say, what your audience are telling you and what your audience want to see.
  • DO build a strong network; take the time to look for the people, businesses and accounts that you want to engage with and do not feel you have to connect with everyone that shows an interest in connecting with you.

If you would like help with social media management, think some social media training would come in handy or you would like someone to ask a few questions from then we would be more than happy to help; just drop us an email or give us a call.