In this article we talk about what your website content needs to do. Some people aren’t quite sure why they need content on their website because they don’t understand what good quality website content can achieve for a business and its website.

From the minute a visitor lands on your business website you have less than ten seconds to grab their full attention. If you fail to grab their attention in this time then the visitor to your website will bounce straight off of your website onto the website of your competitor and you could lose a potential customer just like that, it really is that simple.

Successful website content needs to do the following four things and it needs to do them quickly;

  • You website content needs to be focused on getting the attention of the visitor to the website quickly
  • Your website content needs to appeal to the visitor, this can be achieved by using a language they understand and can relate to easily
  • Your website content needs to stimulate the interest and desire of the visitor to make them want to read more and learn more about your business and what you offer
  • Your website content needs to target readers and convince them that they need to take action, now. Today, not tomorrow, next week or next month – right now.

Professional website content can do this for you and a professional copy writer or website content writer can take your words and put them in a structure that the reader can understand, take the information on board and act on it.

If you’re not sure if you website content is doing what it should be doing then why not drop is a line? We will take the time to understand your business and your brand, along with your unique selling points so we can create clear, engaging and SEO friendly website content for your business.