Do you have a business strapline? Is it something that you use in all your marketing? Maybe you don’t have one at all. Personally, I love a strapline for a business. For example, I am writing this blog post from Rugby service station. As I entered the front door the sign said “Scrum On In”. It’s clever and quirky. From a simple few words, they have grabbed my attention, and now I’m here writing a blog post about it.

Our strapline is “Helping your business achieve more online”. It can be seen throughout blog posts on our website and in the background of all our videos. We also say it at the end of all our business presentations and videos too. It might not be funny or quirky, but it does what it says on the tin. It clearly and simply explains what Creative Content Company is and what we do.

Sat in Rugby service station I’m looking around me, and there are straplines everywhere. KFC has “It’s finger lickin’ good” for example. Again, it does what it says. Have you ever had a KFC and not licked your fingers afterwards? Then we have McDonalds with their “I’m lovin’ it” strapline. Can you even say that without singing it? (By the way, if you want to know more about the sounds in advertising, you need to check out this blog post by neuromarketer Katie Hart. It’s really interesting stuff!)

One of my favourites is Bewiched Coffee. If you know me, you’ll know this is my favourite coffee shop and where I can often be found at weekends, reading a book and people watching. Their strapline is clever. “Bewiched Coffee, Coffee experts that do a good T”. I really like it, it missed out the T, but made a deal of the fact they do tea and coffee. It’s quirky and clever, which is what I love.

So, what’s your business strapline? Do you have one? What is it and where do you use it to promote your business? Does it promote what you do?

And remember, if you need support with helping your business achieve more online, you know where we are!