Blog posts are great for your SEO. Google loves relevant and interesting blog posts. These blogs can be shared on social media. This boosts the engaging posts for social media. In addition, it will increase the traffic to your website from social media too. Blogs will help you rank higher on search engine like Google. They will also help you get more visitors to your website, which means more potential customers seeing your business. But what about the readability of your blogs?

It’s all well and good having blog posts on your website that are seen by your target audience. However, you want them to be read and enjoyed by potential customers too. This is where the readability of your blogs comes in. That’s what we look at in this blog post.

Below we share some readability statistics that you need to be aware of when creating content for your website. Remember, if you need help just speak to our bloggers in Peterborough. We offer blog writing training, or we can create your blog content for you.

So, how can you improve the readability of your blogs?

  • Online readers prefer written content that they can skin-read, as opposed to in-depth content to read. This is especially the case with content that is being read on a mobile phone. Think about how you can make your content easy to skin-read. It could be what converts a reader to a paying customer.
  • You can double or even triple the engagement rates of your blog posts by including relevant images. This could be photos, charts or other images for example. These images can then be used when you share the blogs on social media or in newsletters too.
  • Think about the topics and titles of your blog posts too. Blogs posts that are how to guides are always strong for readability. The same goes for lesson-focused headlines. These type of blog posts so better in searches and social sharing for timely topics.
  • Another type of blog content that does well for readability are guides or checklists. These resonate well with the right target audience. They also drive readership.

Need help boosting the readability of your blogs? Speak to our blog writers in Peterborough.