We came across some statistics from Fit Small Business recently and it shows which online services consumers that reported they trust the most.

Here at Creative Content Company we felt we should share these results with you as this could help you to grow your business.

1.News Sites

51% of consumers trust news sites the most; this means if you can get your story or offering into the news, local press, magazines, etc – then you will be on the most trusted online service.


32% of consumers will take the time to look at your business on Facebook, look at what you are saying, what people are saying about you and how you are responding to what people say about you. When posting or replying to people on Facebook remember you are being watched!

3.Retail Sites

31% of consumers will trust your product if they can find it on a retailer site / being sold on another website to your own. Why not look at similar businesses to your own and contact them to sell your products?


29% of consumers trust a business they can see or have seen on YouTube. Making videos of you can be scary, and if it’s too scary then create cartoon videos if suitable, or videos of your products or services. You could even do testimonial videos?


29% of consumers trust a business that blogs or have blogs about them. We would recommend at least one blog post a week, but one a month as a very minimum. If you don’t have the time or inclination to write these blog posts then we can write your business blog posts for you.

6.Groups and Forums

24% of consumers trust a business if they see them or them spoken about in a group or forum so make sure you engage with your audience, see what they are saying and respond accordingly. Be real and be engaging.


15% of consumers will trust a business on Twitter; they will check out, like they do on Facebook, what you are saying, what people are saying about you and the reactions to this. Make sure you think about how you respond and it is recommended that you always respond professionally when / if you do get complaints.


8% of consumers will trust a business with an active business presence on Linkedin, again this is dependent on what they post, what is said about them and how they respond. Remember – having a page but not using it, is pointless and will not help your business. 

Would you like us to help you build consumer trust for your business, service or products?