These days, businesses are aware that they need to have an online presence and social media platforms are a great way of improving this online presence. Many users of the internet will search for their favourite companies and brands on facebook so they connect with them, if you’re not on facebook you could be missing out on these relationships.

However, with more businesses moving to Facebook and setting up accounts and pages a lot of common mistakes are taking place. In this article we have put together what you should NOT do when using Facebook for your business.

Make sure you use a business page instead of a profile page, if you haven’t used facebook before or are quite new to it this could be an easy mistake to make. Facebook is in the process of deleting businesses that do this so make sure you get it right first time.

Ensure you don’t forget to do admin on the facebook page, keep going onto the facebook business page to check

for people talking to you, asking questions, leaving reviews or responding to your updates. Make sure you don’t become a robot.

There may be negativity but don’t ignore it. There is no way you can stop people from saying bad things about you but by not responding it’s like saying you don’t care, so respond to answer their queries and back yourself up as a reliable and trustworthy business.

Don’t just post photos, these are good as they stop the ‘scrollers’ but you need to write things as well that help to encourage engagement and conversation on your facebook page. Videos on a facebook page are really good too, and funny jokes or cartoons are good forms of shareable content.

Remember that Facebook is something that people pop onto to don’t make your posts too long or they just won’t get read. If you need to write a long status then turn it into a blog post on your website instead and put the link to the blog post on Facebook, then people can click through to your website to read more.

It’s also useful to remember that people pop onto Facebook all times of the day and night, so why not post updates all times of the day and night. You can do it yourself or you can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite which can help you schedule posts to go live at different times.

Make sure you post regularly but not continuously. Once a week is not enough but 15 times a day is too much so find a happy medium. Of course, if you’re struggling to think what to post on facebook you can always book onto one of our workshops.