As you will have seen there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of companies out there offering content creation, newsletter creation, social media management and social media training to small and medium sized businesses – but what makes the team here at Creative Content Company different from the rest?

The biggest thing that makes us different is that we are run by Hazel Cottrell – no other digital company in Peterborough has the passion, skill, talent and personality of Hazel running their business. This may sound ridiculous but it is true – people buy people.

We always say that you can buy the exact same white car for the exact same price anywhere – but what makes you want to buy it from one person over another? It’s usually down to the person; do you feel you can trust the company, do you get on with that person and have you heard good things from friends about that person?

There are content writers in Peterborough that offer exactly the same thing as we offer – but we are completely different. Our specialism in content writing is to create engaging, informative and interesting content whereas other content writers in Peterborough write a more professional style of content that is jam packed full of information and that is great, if that’s what you are looking for.

We know there are social media companies in Peterborough that get companies as many likes and new followers as possible, sometimes by running a ‘follow – unfollow’ campaign. Here at Creative Content Company we don’t like this sort of campaigns and will pull people up on them when they are done on us. We will post engaging updates on social media to encourage conversations while building real relationships with real people – we don’t think it’s a numbers game.

If you want to meet us and see how and why we are different from our competitors then why not give us a call – or even come and see us. We are pretty sure we are the only social media and content writing company with an office in an art gallery!