You may have noticed on some websites they have a page of Case Studies, this may be something you have seen on a competitors website, a clients website or even on the website of someone you were looking at buying from and now you’re wondering how and if they could work for your business.

If you have a business that can be complicated to understand then Case Studies can work really well, you can use them to explain the reason the customer came to you, the way in which you fixed their problem and how your process works and then how the customer felt at the end.

Case Studies also work well for tradespeople that take on large projects as they are able to use them to explain all the services they can offer, but they can also use them to talk about different projects they can work on such as commercial gardens, hotel extensions and such like. In this way case studies can be used as a way of covering all angles of what they do.

We have used case studies in the past when a client has sent us a really positive email, thanking us for the work we have done. This is because we can change the way we work our services for different clients. We often teach social media to start up businesses and then as they grow we take on social media management for them before offering social media training to a new member to take on the social media management again. It is services like this that can be conveyed better in a case study, rather than on a services page.

You can then use these Case Studies as blog posts or you can create a separate page on your website for Case Studies – don’t forget to include them in emails if a potential client is enquiring about a similar service and link to them from social media too.

If you are worried about writing the website content or case study yourself or you feel you don’t have the time then drop us a line and we can do it for you!