If you are a small, medium or start-up business wondering which social media platform to give your time to, then you may have considered Twitter. Twitter is a great social media platform for businesses, but it can look very confusing – so what is the deal with Twitter?

There are over 140 million active users of Twitter across the world, this means that your potential clients could be on Twitter, and this social media platform could give you the chance to engage with them and start building a relationship with them. 10 million of these active Twitter users are in the UK.

The average Twitter account has around 150 followers, this means that when the ‘average’ user retweets something you have posted, it will automatically feature in their 150 followers newsfeed, helping you to gain brand awareness and get your message out there.

It is important that you have a mobile friendly website, because 80% of Twitter users in the UK use it on their mobile phones, so if your links from Twitter to your website are not directing to a mobile friendly site then you may lose some of the people you have linked to your website.

Entatnet reports that 34% of marketers have gained leas through Twitter, and 20% of Twitter users have actually closed a deal on Twitter – so that is the real deal with Twitter!

And it’s not slowing down anytime either, 11 new Twitter accounts are created and opened every second, over 340 million tweets are sent every day and on average 1 billion tweets are uploaded every 3 days.

If you think Twitter could be good social media for your business then why not give us a call. We can not only offer social media training for you, but if you find you have got time to run your social media we can offer social media management to manage your brand on social media for you.