Anyone that follows us on Twitter or is a fan of our Facebook page will see that we have got into Periscope recently, and it’s become addictive! It took a while to get used to it and we hid round the outside for a bit – but now we are using it, we are on a roll. We can’t get enough of it.

Periscope is a live video feed, you can broadcast your message on your phone or mobile device and then people around the world can then get involved in the conversation, ask questions or share their thoughts on what you are talking about.

We have been using Periscope to share networking tips, to promote #CreativeNetworking events, to offer social media tips and to talk about website content and blogging. We have even been filming #CreativeNetworking events to help members of the networking group in Peterborough get their name out there, across the world!

The really great thing about periscope is that it is live, so people can ask you questions and you can answer them right then and there, which is really beneficial. I’ve seen lots of life coaches on there recently and they’re really making the most of it, so are network marketers – both are getting brilliant engagement and producing some excellent content.

Periscope records the live feed while it is taking place, at the end of your broadcast it then gives you the chance to save the video to your photo album and you then share it on your YouTube channel, your website, Facebook and anywhere else.

The video is also saved on Periscope for 1 hour so if you think you have a friend, follower or colleague that might have been interested in the periscope then you can direct them to periscope to see it. We often mention people or groups in our periscopes so if they were not watching the periscope we will tweet them after so they can go and watch it. We also tweet after the periscope to thank those that asked questions or got involved in the periscope broadcast.

We will be sharing more posts on Periscope, how you can use it and some top tips for beginner periscopers but if you want to know anything now pop by and ask on Periscope, tweet us, email us or call us. We’re always happy to help!