Here at Creative Content Company we create great quality, engaging and SEO friendly content for small business websites. Having worked with small businesses and their online presence for many years, we can confirm we have seen a lot of small businesses with gaping errors on their website so we thought we would share the following stats with you.

51% of small businesses have websites; this means that 49% of small businesses do not have a website; just read our last blog post to see how these businesses could be neglecting their online customers.

70% of small businesses with a website do not have a call to action which means your target audience could land on your website but they are unsure what you want them to do next; place an order, call them, or just leave to the competition that clearly tells them what to do next?

27% of small business website don’t provide a telephone number and 68% of small business websites don’t have an email address on the home page which is the landing page for many visitors to the website. Surely as a small business owner you want customers to contact you with any queries they may have, to arrange a meeting or to place an order? Then make it easy for them!

82% of small businesses do not use social media or have a business social media account, which means they could be missing out on a whole host of customers as their target audience are hanging out there. We understand small business owners don’t have time to do everything so why not outsource the social media management?

57% of small business websites do not have meta data which helps improve searches for their business, service or product. Meanwhile 50% of online sales are lost when the consumer cannot find the content they are looking for so they go somewhere else, usually to a competitor.

If you need help to understand what is missing on your website, if you want a website review, or you’d like your website content to be more SEO friendly then why not contact us directly; we’d be happy to help!