Some people are scared of blogging because they worry that nobody will read what read their blog posts or nobody will care about what they are writing in their blog posts. Now let’s be honest, this is a ridiculous fear, especially when you haven’t even blogged yet! How do you know nobody will read your blogs if you haven’t even blogged?

However we understand that this is a genuine fear for many people who want to blog for their business, so in this blog post we have tried to make it less scary and really put into basics why this should not be a fear that stops you blogging for your business;

Firstly, so what if nobody reads your blog post? The only person that will know that is you. The blog post on your website doesn’t come up red with blog writing across the page stating nobody has read your blog post. There is no big alarm that goes off and you will be the only person that knows nobody has read your blog post because there will be no hits on the page that you can see via Google Analytics.

Secondly, there will always be someone that reads your blog post! Nope, we are not talking about a religious figure who may or may not be looking down on you and watching everything you do and we’re not talking about your mum either – who likes to support you in every way she can. We’re talking about Google, Google and it’s little bots will be watching you all the time. Each time the Google bots come back to your website they will be looking for new unique content on your website and a blog post will be exactly that.

Thirdly, a blog on your website gives you something to post about on social media and in your newsletters that directs people back to your website, they may not read the blog but it gives the visitor a landing page for where they can learn more about your business and explore your website more.

We speak to so many clients that are scared to blog for their business in case nobody reads the blog post, we hope this blog post has put your mind at rest and reduced that fear for you?