We are always talking about the benefits of blogging and why you should blog for your business as well as blogging stats that can be achieved when you blog regularly, but what we don’t really talk about is what happens when you stop blogging and what affect this may have.

When things get busy in your own business it is understandable that the ‘unpaid’ work suffers, by this we mean the stuff you do for your own business, not the projects you complete for clients that actually get you paid.

We have been there ourselves here at Creative Content Company. Things got really busy and the paid work went to the top of the list and the blogs for our own website were at the bottom of the jobs list. This was about 18 months ago, but at the time we were blogging daily and we stopped for around 6 weeks…

A few months later when all was caught up for our clients and we started blogging again for our own business (but we didn’t have the time to backdate and fill the gap) we took a look at our Google analytics and it wasn’t pretty!

Firstly we noted that the traffic to the website had dropped significantly; by more than half!

One reason was because we didn’t have new content to share on social media, the other reason was because we had also dropped in search engine rankings on Google; although still on the same pages we were much lower on those pages and visitors were clicking on the top three results shown by the search engines.

We also dropped from 3-5 queries through the website a week to 1 in 6 weeks which was understandably, very concerning. Something we certainly don’t want to experience again and something we definitely don’t want to see other experience.

We offer a blogging package to our clients that means we can write 10 blog posts that are not date specific so when clients get busy they have a back up of blog posts to keep their website fresh and constantly updated. 

Is this something that could help you?