When it comes to social media for businesses, it is about more than just clicks; marketers put a price on increases sales and decreased costs meaning that working on the return on investment for social media can be more tricky to find out.

Here is some research we have come across for return on investment of social media marketing for businesses, it’s beyond traditional success metrics but we are sure you’ll be able to see how these changes that businesses on social media have seen will show you what happens when a business like yours uses social media;

  • Companies using social media noticed a 68% rise in traffic to their website
  • Those companies using social media for business saw a 66% raise in their conversion rate
  • There were 63% more positive mentions by customers seen by businesses using social media
  • Companies saw a 50% rise in revenue when they used social media
  • There were 43% more page views of their website when a business used social media
  • Companies saw a 23% rise in the total order value from customers through social media
  • There was a 16% reduction in returned items as the company used social media
  • A 11% reduction in call volume was also seen when businesses use social media

These are some incredible statistics; but it isn’t as easy as just having an account on social media – you need to use your social media accounts for business and successfully manage your social media accounts to post engaging updates, links back to your website and respond to your fans and followers.

If you need help using social media for business, want some help managing your business social media accounts or would just like some social media training or a social media review then why not give us a shout.

The team here at Creative Content Company are happy to help you achieve more your business online.