What may seem like a very personal answer, and potentially the headline that made you click to our website for the first time, may not be the topic you expected – and we definitely don’t want emails about what you do get up to in bed… instead we would like to tell you what Hazel does in bed!

Hazel has an amazing brain for coming up with blog post ideas, it was a skill that she thought everyone had, but she has seen learnt that this really isn’t the case and she’s actually very lucky to have the brain that she does!

Hazel has told her partner what she does for a living, and most evenings they discuss what they have been doing that day. She will tell him the different clients and industries she has been writing website content and blog posts for and he will wonder how she does it. The clients don’t give Hazel the titles to write about, sometimes they give a topic or a keyword, but often just a company name and she has to come up with the rest from there.

Now we come on to what she does in the bedroom!

Each night when they are tucked up in bed, with PJs and sleep caps on, Hazel’s partner will come up with a random business or industry and Hazel will have to give him ten blog titles that would work for the business; this has been going on for about 6 months and she hasn’t failed yet.

Coming up with blog post ideas is just a skill that comes naturally to her; like an ease with numbers is something her partner has and she certainly doesn’t.

If you’d like ten blog post ideas for your business you don’t need to go to bed with her, which we would recommend against as she is certainly no sleeping beauty! Instead just pop to our website shop and order the 10 blog post ideas and we will come up with some ideas and explanations for you.

Was that the blog post you expected?