Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for both customers and businesses so it is only normal that we would want to help our readers really understand what their fans and followers are hoping to see from them on Twitter this Christmas.

We have been looking at research completed by @TwittersAdsUK and this is what they found out;

75% of the Twitter user community panel in the UK have said that they want more from brands on Twitter this Christmas, in theory this is 3 of every 4 of your customers that are asking for more from you on Twitter – can you give them more? And, perhaps more importantly, what more do they want from you?

45% of those Twitter Users in the UK said they wanted inspiration for Xmas gifts, for winter recipes and for decorations. This is giving you the perfect chance to share your products that are ideal for Christmas gifts, if you sell food or work in the health and fitness sector you can share those recipes and even if you offer your service by sharing homemade decorations your fans and followers can make in the time they will save by using your services.

Meanwhile 32% of Twitter Users in the UK have what may seem like a very simple request, they just want the brand to be there to help them with customer service concerns and to offer customer service through Twitter. This is an issue we often see with brands that have a Twitter account but don’t use it, or use scheduling tools but never check the account to engage with those that respond. If you don’t have the time to manage your Twitter account then find someone to help you, or don’t be on Twitter at all, otherwise you are letting your fans and followers down.

There is no reason that Twitter cannot be made fun and engaging all year round, not just at Christmas. If you are unsure of what to post on social media or need help managing your business social media then drop us a line, we would be only too happy to help!