Yes, I am back on my soapbox ranting about Linkedin and the lack of common sense many Linkedin users have. As I have explained in previous blog posts, I have a certain way in which I deal with Linkedin requests from people I don’t know – there is no point connecting with people for the sake of it, I need to know who they are the reason for the connection request so we can network properly.

Here is an example of a message I sent to a connection request I received from someone recently and I did not know them and they did not send a personalised message to tell me why they were choosing to connect with me;

“Good Morning Ian & Happy Friday,

Not sure how your week has been, but here at Creative Content Company it has been super productive but super busy; very glad we have made Friday alive!

Thank for your recent connection request however without a personalised message I am unsure how I can help? I like to know who I am connecting with and understand how I can help them so I can network to the best of my ability – and that is what I use Linkedin for; a networking tool.

I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Many Thanks,

Hazel Cottrell”

I was somewhat surprised by the response to this message, on the day I sent the message I saw it had been read, 3 days later he had responded. His response was the image of a ‘thumbs up’.

I suddenly felt I was connecting with my 11 year old step-daughter, yet the profile showed me an older, professional and well-educated man with a very responsible job?

If we are friends texting and we are quickly arranging for drinks after work then yes, a ‘thumbs up’ would be suitable – but really? A ‘thumbs up’ as a response to an email, in response to your connection request and as a response to questions? I really don’t think that works and actually tells me you haven’t bothered to read the email at all, or even bothered to look at who you are connecting with?

If you would like help to manage your social media or training for Linkedin then drop me a line – I may come across like a bit of a nag in these posts, but I can assure you I am nice really. Our social media training is friendly, engaging and simple; you’ll wonder why you ever struggled in the first place.