If someone walked into your business right now and offered for ten pounds for something, what could you give them? Would you lower the price of a product you already sell or could you create a new product or service that could be available for ten pounds?

Sometimes, if you sell high priced products or services your customer may be weary to purchase it off you, instead they may want to try a lower priced service or product so they can see how good you really are and if you are as good as you say you are.

For example, a life coach or mentor. They may charge £75 per hour, but how happy are you to spend that much money on someone you have never met? They could offer a meeting where you can meet the coach or the mentor but surely having a 15minute coaching or mentoring session could make you more ‘sure’ that this is the right coach or mentor for you?

The same can be said for our services, people may not want to sign up for a month of social media management if they don’t know what we can do – of course we can show examples of the other clients social media accounts that we have managed but they still won’t know what we can do for them… this is where a shorter service could be created and offer for ten pounds.

It would be a trial price, a tester offer or a chance for the customer to dip their toe in the water and see what you can do for them.

As a web design company or an SEO company you will often find that the customer has been treated badly with someone in the industry before and therefore they are weary of speaking to another website design company or SEO company – of course this is understandable but how can you help? Why not offer a full website review or SEO review and show them ways in which they can improve their website or SEO. This will help build up trust for the customer with your business and could be what it takes to make that potential customer a real paying customer.

So, what would you do for ten pounds?