Let us be honest now, £30 doesn’t sound like a lot of money to a lot of us; this is money that could be spent on a meal out for two (if you don’t have any alcoholic drinks), a takeaway meal for you and a friend (if it’s free delivery), a tank of petrol (if you don’t fill it to the top) – what can you really get for less than £30?

A few weeks ago I cooked for 18 homeless people for less than £30 (around £28 to be precise); we had cheese and sausage pasta bake, tomato and onion pasta bake with garlic bread. We had spare sausages and extra pasta which I cooked with a pasta sauce for the guests to take away and eat later and we had doughnuts for dessert. That’s right; I fed 18 people for less than the price of an Indian take-away for my partner and me.

Tesco kindly donated us with a £25 voucher for the guests on Light Project Peterborough so myself and Charlotte Fountain, their Community Champion, went shopping for some ‘Moving In Packs’. We had 2 guests that had moved on from the Winter Night Shelter and were moving into more permanent accommodation so we got created a hamper for them. This came to exactly £29 and included a washing up bowl, washing up liquid, biscuits, washing sponge, tea towel, kitchen roll, toilet roll, plate, bowl, spoons, teaspoons, knives, washing powder and other little essential items they may need.

When we handed these hampers to the guests they were overwhelmed and stated that all the things would come in really useful; again, for less than the cost of a meal out for two people!

You really can help so many people with this small amount of money and that warm feeling you get inside is just priceless.

Please let me know if you would like to help the homeless of Peterborough and I would be happy to tell you more or send you in the right direction.

It’s also worth knowing, that if I network with you on a regular basis or you are a previous or existing client of Creative Content Company we can offer you a blog post or page of website content for the grand sum of £30 too!